All information about the Super Bowl 2024: Where you can watch OWL together today (2024)

Every year in February, the sports world looks excitedly to the USA. The 58th edition of the Super Bowl, the largest single sporting event in the world, will take place there this year on the night of February 11th to 12th. What you need to know about the highlight of American football, who will appear in the popular half-time show and where you can watch it together in “public viewing” in East Westphalia-Lippe – here is the overview.

When and where will the Super Bowl 2024 take place?

The venue for “Super Bowl LVIII” is Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. This weekend the...Sugar metropolisso to the sports city. When the winner of the North American Football League (NFL) is determined in the final on Sunday, there will be space for almost 65,000 spectators in the multi-purpose stadium, which was completed three years ago.

Allegiant Stadium - where the Las Vegas Raiders played their home games this season - is considered the second most expensive stadium in the world, with construction costs of $1.9 billion. Kickoff in Las Vegas is on the night of Sunday to Monday at 12:30 a.m. German time (Sunday, 3:30 p.m. local time in Las Vegas).

If you wanted to be there live, you had to dig deep into your pockets for tickets. The average price on the American ticket platform “Seat Geek” was over $12,000, with the cheapest tickets costing almost $10,000. Football fans can already note two more venues for the coming years. The 2025 Super Bowl will be played in New Orleans and the 2026 Super Bowl will take place in Santa Clara.

Who will play against each other in the Super Bowl 2024?

They play in the Super Bowl, the NFL finalKansasCity ChiefsStar quarterback Patrick Mahomes against the San Francisco 49ers, who can rely primarily on the excellent running back Christian McCaffrey this season.

The Kansas City Chiefs have the chance to win again. In the 2023 Super Bowl, which was played in Arizona, the defending champions defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38:35 in a spectacular final. The San Francisco 49ers' last win was much longer ago. The team from San Francisco was last successful at the sporting event in 1995.

What are the most important rules in American football?

In American football, the team that scores the most points wins. The teams have 15 minutes each in four quarters. Six points are awarded for a touchdown in which the egg-shaped ball must either be carried into the end zone or caught there. A field goal during the game in which the ball is kicked through a specific area is worth three points.

After a touchdown, there are also two ways to earn extra points. If a team manages to get the ball back into the end zone from two yards away in a single attempt, it scores two additional points (two-point conversion). However, it is more common to attempt a field goal after the touchdown. If the kicker hits, it gives you an extra point.

The attacking team around the quarterback, who acts as the ball distributor, has four attempts each in possession of the ball to gain at least ten yards of space and thus move towards the end zone. If this succeeds, the team gets four new attempts each. The defending team tries to stop the attacks and thus prevent the player from gaining space.Many more rulesand opportunities to score points ensure that American football is a very popular sport, especially among fans of tactics.

Where can the Super Bowl 2024 be watched on TV or live stream?

The broadcast rights for the German market lie with RTL and the paid streaming provider DAZN. TV station RTL will start broadcasting the Super Bowl from 11:15 p.m. The event is moderated by Jana Wosnitza and the commentator is Florian Schmidt-Sommerfeld. There is support from numerous experts such as former NFL players Sebastian Vollmer and Björn Werner.

Anyone who has subscribed to RTL+, the broadcaster's streaming service, can also watch the game in a live stream instead of on TV. DAZN subscribers also have this option. The broadcast in the stream begins at 11:30 p.m.

Where can you watch the Super Bowl 2024 during “Public Viewing” in OWL?

In Ostwestfalen-Lippe, too, some restaurants and cinemas offer the opportunity to watch the Super Bowl together. Here you can find an overview of selected locations.

  • Three Sixty SportsbarBielefeld, Boulevard 5. American food and drinks can be enjoyed here during the broadcast. Tickets for the event cost 20 euros and can be purchased in advance on site. They also serve as consumption tickets for the evening.
  • Pollux by CineplexPaderborn, Westernstraße 34. If you want to watch the big game on the big screen, the Paderborn cinema is the right place for you. The broadcast of the Super Bowl starts here from 11:15 p.m., tickets start at 10 eurosonlinebe acquired.
  • Film workGütersloh, Kaiserstraße 30. The cinema in Gütersloh also has a big screen. Football fans will get their money's worth here from 11.15 p.m. Tickets are available in advance from 12.50 euroson the homepage.
  • Hotel and country restaurant Schnittker inDelbrück, Schöninger Straße 88. An American buffet with spare ribs, pulled pork, corn on the cob and many other dishes will be offered in the country restaurant on Sunday from 6.30 p.m. to properly ring in the Super Bowl. The game will then be broadcast locally. The buffet costs 34.50 euros, further information is availableon the homepage.
  • Citizens Park bargains inLübbecke, Bäckerstraße 34. An American evening including a Super Bowl broadcast will also take place in the Lübbecker restaurant on February 11th. The doors open from 10 p.m., and there is an American buffet and the right beer on site. Tickets can be purchased in the restaurant for 55 euros, further information is availableon the website.

Who will appear in the Super Bowl 2024 Haftime Show?

The spectacular halftime show of the Super Bowl stands for performances by prominent artists like no other sporting event. In recent years, Rihanna, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, The Weeknd, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, among others, have warmed up the audience during the halftime show. This year Usher has nowhis big entrancein Las Vegas. Many fans are already eagerly awaiting whether he will receive celebrity support.

As usual, other stars will appear around the Super Bowl: the national anthem before the game will be sung by country singer Reba McEntire, and Post Malone will also perform the song “America the Beautiful”. And a DJ should not be missing at the event. Tiesto plays a set while the players warm up and also provides musical accompaniment during breaks in the game.

Even beyond the halftime show, national anthem and other musical performances, the 58th edition of the Super Bowl once again has star potential. Already during the regular seasonTaylor Swiftbecame a constant topic of conversation in the NFL and sparked a great enthusiasm for American football among her “Swifties”, and now she will also be present at the Super Bowl. The reason: She is in a relationship with Travis Kelce, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs and made it to the NFL finals with his team.

How long does the Super Bowl 2024 last?

Anyone who watches the Super Bowl primarily because of the halftime show will have to be patient again. The half-time break is not expected before 1.30 a.m. German time; the stage will then be set up. So the show is expected to start at around 2 o'clock.

After that, the second half of the game will start, which will not end before 4 a.m., probably later. It is also possible to extend the game if there is a draw, meaning the Super Bowl can last even longer. However, due to the unpredictable and frequent interruptions of the game, these are estimated times; there is no exact schedule for the Super Bowl.

What food is typical for the Super Bowl?

Eating together is an important part of the Super Bowl evening. If you want to eat typical American food, you'll quickly end up with fast food. Classics like hot dogs or burgers are good because you can have them both before and during the game. Chicken wings and nachos with dips and cheese are also becoming increasingly popular when watching the Super Bowl together in Germany.

If you are particularly creative and want to create a culinary highlight, you can build a stadium out of snacks. This can be filled with sweets such as chips, chocolate and gummy bears, but also with vegetable sticks, cheese cubes and fruit.

How much does a minute of advertising cost at the Super Bowl 2024?

Because of the enormous popularity of the sporting event and the resulting ratings, commercials during the Super Bowl broadcast are among the most lucrative of all. All commercial slots for the 2024 Super Bowl are fully booked months in advance. For this year's final, the price for a 30-second spot on the American broadcasters - CBS and Paramount - is reportedly between $6.5 and $7 million.

This year's commercials feature Lionel Messi and David Beckham, among others. Messi is advertising for an American beer brand, Beckham and his wife Victoria are advertising for a delivery service. And the presentation of the halftime show also has its price: a music streaming provider reportedly has to pay almost $50 million for it.

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All information about the Super Bowl 2024: Where you can watch OWL together today (2024)


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