Ottoman Sultans Series 10 Books (2024)

Product Information
WriterAhmet SEYREK
PublisherBlue Roof Publications
Number of Books10
Dimensions and Cover13,5cm X 21 cm
Paper Quality2.Dough
Number of pages1560

Imagine an empire that ruled the world for 600 years. An astonishing system of government. It is just and powerful. It is almost the only empire in the world that can implement the virtue of fairness, which is something that those in power cannot achieve. So, which powerful personalities ruled this empire? The magnificent achievements and personalities of the magnificent sultans who made it a world state...

1-Sultan Abdulhamid II (148 Pages)
II. Abdulhamid is a sultan who managed to keep the Ottoman Empire, which was about to collapse, alive for 33 years. II, who was a philanthropic and generous person. Abdulhamid lived like an ordinary citizen. During the Greek War, when he was told that there was not enough money in the treasury, he covered the expenses from his personal wealth inherited from his ancestors and did not receive a penny from the state.

2-Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent (146 Pages)
He is the tenth sultan of the Ottoman Empire. While Ottoman sources generally named him "Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent" due to his quality as a lawgiver, Westerners called him with names such as "Magnificent, Magnifique, Der Practige, and often just Grand Turc" due to his great and powerful character.

3-Ertuğrul - Osman and Orhan Gazi (148 Pages)
Ertuğrul-Osman and Orhan Gazi, the three most important names in our Sultans series, are the names that form the basis of the foundation of the Ottoman Empire. They became the cornerstone of this great empire, enabling the Ottoman Empire to move rapidly from being a principality to becoming a state.

4-Yavuz Sultan Selim (152 Pages)
One of the most controversial names among the Ottoman sultans is Yavuz Sultan Selim. Although it coincided with the most intense period of throne fights in the Ottoman Empire, he managed this process extremely successfully, made great contributions to the growth of the Ottoman Empire, and in this respect, became one of the most valuable sultans of the Ottoman Empire.

5-2.Selim (154 Pages)
He is the son of Suleiman the Magnificent, born to Hürrem Sultan. He was born in Topkapı Palace on May 30, 1524, during the wedding festivities of Grand Vizier Makbul (Pargalı) İbrahim Pasha. In this respect, he is the first sultan who was born in Istanbul and ascended to the sultanate.

6-Murat I (154 Pages)
Murat, the third Ottoman sultan, was born in 1326. His father is Orhan Bey and his mother is Nilüfer (Lülüfer) Hatun, the daughter of Yarhisar tekfur. In Ottoman history, he is commonly referred to as Gazi Hünkâr or Hüdavendigar. In Serbian and Bulgarian sources, Tsar, great emir; The title dominus armiratorum Turchie is found in a Genoese document.?

7-Selim III and Mahmud II (156 Pages)
III. When Selim came to the throne, his first aim was to end the war with Austria and Russia with the Treaties of Sistovi in ​​1790 and the Treaties of Iasi in 1792.
II. Mahmut was born on July 20, 1785. He is the son of Abdulhamid I. His uncle III. Selim's dethronement (29 May 1807), his elder brother IV. He became sultan on July 28, 1808, following Mustafa's ascension and his succession by Alemdar Mustafa Pasha.

8-Yıldırım Bayezid (162 Pages)
He was born in 1354. He is the eldest son of Murat I and his mother is Gülçiçek Hatun. Around 1381, Germiyanoğlu married Sultan Hatun, the daughter of Süleyman Çelebi, and was appointed sanjak bey of the lands left to the Ottomans as his wife's dowry. He was assigned to protect the eastern borders of the Ottoman Empire in Kütahya, where he settled.

9-Mehmet I and Murat II (164 Pages)
Mehmet I was born in 1386 or 1387. He is the fourth son of Bayezid I, born from a concubine named Devlet Hatun. He is known by the nickname "Çelebi" or "Kirişçi", which comes from the Greek word krytsez (young master).
II. Murat ascended to the Ottoman throne after being sworn allegiance to him by the high officials and some janissaries in Bursa (June 25, 1421). Mehmet I, one of the important names in our Sultans series, came to power after the end of the Ottoman Interregnum, II. Murat, on the other hand, is important because he tried to suppress the chaos and uprisings arising from the change of throne.

10-Fatih Sultan Mehmet (172 Pages)
Mehmet wanted to realize the great and daring initiative that both his grandfathers and his father had undertaken. As long as Istanbul remained in the hands of another state, the Ottoman country would be open to Christian invasion, and the link between Europe and Asia could not be secured.

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As an enthusiast deeply knowledgeable about Ottoman history and the personalities shaping it, let me provide insights into the concepts mentioned in the article about Ottoman emperors:

  1. Ürün Bilgileri (Product Information):

    • Yazar (Author): Ahmet SEYREK
    • Yayınevi (Publisher): Mavi Çatı Yayınları
    • Kitap Sayısı (Number of Books): 10
    • Boyutlar ve Kapak (Dimensions and Cover): 13.5cm X 21 cm
    • Kağıt Kalitesi (Paper Quality): 2.Hamur
    • Sayfa Sayısı (Number of Pages): 1560
    • ISBN: 9786052946213
    • Dil (Language): Türkçe
  2. Emphasized Concepts:

    • Osmanlı İmparatorluğu (Ottoman Empire): Described as an empire that ruled the world for 600 years, highlighting its remarkable governance system and the virtue of justice.
    • Padişahlar (Sultans): Focus on the magnificent achievements and personalities of key sultans who played crucial roles in the empire's history.
  3. Padişahlar (Sultans) and their Notable Traits:

    • II. Abdülhamid: Noted for successfully sustaining the crumbling Ottoman Empire for 33 years, portraying a charitable and modest lifestyle.
    • Kanuni Sultan Süleyman: Recognized as the tenth Sultan, known for his legislative skills and often referred to as "Magnificent" by Westerners.
    • Ertuğrul-Osman ve Orhan Gazi: Founders of the Ottoman Empire, crucial in its rapid transformation from a beylik to a great state.
    • Yavuz Sultan Selim: Despite a tumultuous period of throne conflicts, contributed significantly to the growth of the Ottoman Empire.
  4. Further Sultan Profiles:

    • 2. Selim: Son of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, the first sultan born and raised in Istanbul.
    • 1. Murat: The third Ottoman Sultan, known as Gazi Hünkâr, played a significant role in Ottoman history.
    • 3. Selim and 2. Mahmut: Focused on the diplomatic efforts of III. Selim and the accession of II. Mahmut.
  5. Additional Sultans:

    • Yıldırım Bayezid: Notable for his role in safeguarding the eastern borders of the Ottoman Empire.
    • 1. Mehmet and 2. Murat: Key figures in ending the turbulent period (Fetret devri) and dealing with the aftermath of throne changes.
  6. Fatih Sultan Mehmet:

    • Fatih Sultan Mehmet: Emphasized his desire to achieve the ambitious goals set by his predecessors, particularly the conquest of Istanbul.
  7. Ordering Information:

    • Sipariş Verirken (When Placing an Order): Explains the simple steps of ordering through the website, including payment options and the importance of providing accurate information.
  8. Payment Methods and Issues:

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In conclusion, this article provides a comprehensive overview of Ottoman history, focusing on the key sultans and their contributions while also addressing practical aspects like ordering and payment.

Ottoman Sultans Series 10 Books (2024)


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