Quick and easy roulade pot - our recipe with the Instant Pot (2024)

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Delicious and tender roulades need a good 90 – 120 minutes of braising time. Not only does this use up a lot of energy, but it becomes torture, especially when you get hungry. What would you say if I told you that our roulade pot only simmered for 25 minutes and tasted just as good as long-stewed roulades? Let the games begin.

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Quick and easy roulade pot - our recipe with the Instant Pot (1)


Quick and easy roulade pot - our recipe with the Instant Pot (2)

26. November 2022

To the recipe

Quick and easy roulade pot - our recipe with the Instant Pot (3)

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Table of contents

Yes, you heard right, our roulade pot only cooks for 25 minutes. That's only 1/8 of the time that roulades usually braise. The whole thing is made possible by our Instant Pot, which we no longer want to be without in our kitchen. If you don't know the Instant Pot yet, I'll talk about it again later. But first we'll focus on the roulade pot and show you our quick and easy recipe.

I actually wanted to make a roulade pot like this almost exactly a year ago, last year during Advent. Theres had prevailed at that time and hersClassic rouladesas always done, but I hadn't forgotten the idea. This year when we thought about what we needed to test in our Instant Pot. It was clear that I would make a roulade pot.

The lazy person thinks carefully - the roulade pot

I'm not a fan of working hard when cooking. I like quick recipes that require little effort. And the tapping, smearing, cutting and topping, rolling and then tying is simply too time-consuming for me. Why do all the work when you can just chop everything up and throw it into a roulade pot? You even save yourself the effort of cutting when eating, you only need to bring a fork to your mouth and you don't have to clean up and wash up as much. So basically a win-win-win situation.

Quick and easy roulade pot - our recipe with the Instant Pot (5)

Why did we make the roulade pot twice?

So it was clear that our roulade pot would become a short-term tenant in our Instant Pot. Now the day was approaching when I wanted to test it. What can I say? I underestimated our Instant Pot. I thought to myself, if a pot like this braises for at least 90 minutes, you could carefully cook it for 40 minutes. And if it needs a few more minutes, you can continue simmering afterwards. Yeah… I miscalculated a little there. After 35 minutes we had perfect baby food because the roulades were completely overcooked. So much so that taking a photo was out of the question. It looked like food from the retirement home happened. It looked like it had been left on the A40 for an hour during rush hour, but it was delicious!

Quick and easy roulade pot - our recipe with the Instant Pot (6)

So it was clear here: the roulade pot has to be made again and I have to be braver. So I approached it in a similar way to the first time. But this time it was 25 minutes and here too I thought: If necessary, I'll let it simmer for a few more minutes. This time the result was perfect! The meat was just as tender as I hoped. I actually think 20 minutes would be great for people who want a little bit more bite to it, but for me 25 minutes was brilliant.

Our new kitchen favorite – The Instant Pot

Quick and easy roulade pot - our recipe with the Instant Pot (7)

You can see that the Instant Pot ensures brilliant results in no time at all with our roulade pot. At first we wouldn't have thought how often the device would run for us. We have a great food processor hereAnchor room, a “pot” from the vacuum cleaner manufacturer and an air fryer. These are all devices that are used really frequently and regularly. At theInstant PotWe assumed that it would be a really good device, but we probably won't use it very often. But puff cake! We did the math without the multifunctional miracle pot. The quick cooking function is so brilliant, saves so much time and therefore energy.Our Bolois finished in a third of the time, the whole thing also applies togoulashand other stews.

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But it's not just things like our roulade pot that are perfect here, because...Instant PotNot only does it have the quick cook function (which is AWESOME). You can also cook in it normally or slow cooking is also possible. Especially on stressful days, it's so practical if you can just set a timer and not have to stand next to it in the kitchen the whole time. The Instant Pot is an absolute asset in the kitchen for us and for me personally it is one of my two kitchen highlights for 2022!

Quick and easy roulade pot - our recipe with the Instant Pot (11)
Quick and easy roulade pot - our recipe with the Instant Pot (12)
Quick and easy roulade pot - our recipe with the Instant Pot (13)

We now use the Instant Pot regularly and we definitely don't want to be without it anymore. The time it saves us is worth its weight in gold, especially when we have a 12-month-old baby crawling around between our legs. No matter whether aperfect vegan risottoin 5 minutes or thatmost awesome hummus, which saves a whole day in preparation.

Quick and easy roulade pot recipe using the Instant Pot

But enough of that nowInstant Potand the mess on the first try. I think you're starting to want the recipe for our roulade pot and that's what you should get. It's absolutely worth cooking here and if you want to do it without our miracle pot, then that's of course possible too.

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📖 Recipe

Roulade pot from the Instant Pot

This roulade pot is simply amazing. Not only incredibly delicious, it also cooks in just a few minutes in the Instant Pot. It doesn't get any better.

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Targetedmain dish


KeywordInstant Pot, roulades, roulade pot

Preparation time

20minutes minutes

cooking time

25minutes minutes

total time

45minutes minutes

🥕 Ingredients for the recipe



🥘 Preparation

  • Peel the onions and cut them into fine half rings, the bacon into thin strips and the gherkins into cubes. Set the ingredients aside and now let's tackle the meat.

  • Now the roulades are sliced. To do this, we halved the narrow side again and then cut off thin strips, seasoned with salt and pepper and then mixed with the cornstarch. On the one hand, it makes the meat a little more tender, thickens the sauce a little and also gives the meat a slightly roasted aroma.

  • Set the Instant Pot to sauté, add 1 tablespoon of clarified butter and fry the bacon.

  • Remove the bacon again as soon as it is golden brown and fry the roulade meat in the bacon fat. After about 4 minutes, add the mustard and tomato paste and mix everything together well and let it simmer for about 2 minutes.

  • Add onions, cornichons and sweet peppers and stir everything together.

  • Finally, add the bacon again, pour in the beef stock, mix everything well and stir the sediment into the broth and set the Instant Pot to Pressure Cook, Custom, High for 25 minutes.

  • After the cooking time, release the pressure and mix everything well. If the roulade pot is still too liquid for you, simply sauté for 10 minutes, stir, reduce or thicken with cornstarch.

Of course, you can also prepare the roulade pot in a normal pot or roaster. But you should plan around 90 minutes for cooking.

Simple boiled potatoes or delicious mashed potatoes go well as a side dish.

Nutritional information per serving (approx.)


Our FAQ about the roulade pot

What is a roulade pot and how does it differ from “normal” beef roulades?

A roulade pot is a quicker and easier version of beef roulades. Instead of laboriously pounding, topping, rolling and tying the meat, the meat and ingredients are cut into small pieces and layered in a pot for the roulade pot. The result is a delicious braised dish that is ready much quicker than traditional beef roulades.

Which meat is best for a roulade pot?

Lean beef such as roast beef or pre-cut meat from the top or bottom of the beef is best suited for a roulade pot. The meat should be cut into small strips so that it cooks quickly and remains tender.

Can you make a roulade pot without an Instant Pot?

Yes, a roulade pot can also be prepared without an Instant Pot. You can use a conventional casserole or roaster and let the meat and ingredients braise on the stove or in the oven. It just takes longer, but tastes just as good.

Which ingredients are suitable for a roulade pot?

In addition to beef, vegetables such as onions, carrots, celery and peppers are also suitable for a roulade pot. Spices such as paprika powder, bay leaves and pepper can also be used. Depending on your taste, you can also add other ingredients such as mushrooms, tomatoes or wine.

How long does a roulade pot have to braise and what is the best way to serve it?

The braising time for a roulade pot depends on the size of the pieces of meat and the ingredients used. In an Instant Pot, a roulade pot can be ready in 25 minutes, while on the stove or in the oven it can braise for up to 2 hours. The best way to serve the roulade pot is with side dishes such as potatoes or pasta and a fresh salad.

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Quick and easy roulade pot - our recipe with the Instant Pot (15)

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Quick and easy roulade pot - our recipe with the Instant Pot (16)

Let's taste it.

Quick and easy roulade pot - our recipe with the Instant Pot (17)

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Quick and easy roulade pot - our recipe with the Instant Pot (2024)


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