Super Bowl 2024: Get NFL Game Pass now for 99 cents at Dazn! (2024)

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Super Bowl 2024: This is how you watch the NFL final in the US original

Super Bowl 2024: Get NFL Game Pass now for 99 cents at Dazn! (1)

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The Super Bowl 2024 will take place on the night of February 11th to 12th, kick-off is at 12:30 a.m.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers will contest the final of the American Football League NFL this year.

If you want to enjoy the TV event in the US original, go for itNFL Game Pass for 99 cents at Dazn.*

Super Bowl 2024: Get NFL Game Pass now for 99 cents at Dazn! (2)

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American Footballis booming in Germany. TheAmerican professional league NFLThat's why he came to the Federal Republic for two games this season. In Frankfurt's Deutsche Bank Park in November 2023, the Kansas City Chiefs met the Miami Dolphins and a week later the New England Patriots met the Indianapolis Colts. And for this reason the supermarket shelves are about to dieSuper Bowl next weekendchock-full of merchandise and American fast food.

Watch Super Bowl 2024 without compromise: Thanks to NFL Game Pass on Dazn

The most important thing about the Super Bowl party is of course the TV event itself. This year RTL is presenting the sporting event on free TV. In addition, it showsStreamingdienst Dazn*the American football final in the original US broadcast including halftime show, US commercials and analysis.

You can book the NFL Game Pass for the Super Bowl here

Super Bowl Pass – NFL Game Pass – 0.99 euros at Dazn*

offer valid until: February 12, 2024

For the full experience, US advertising is essential. After all, the event extends to over four hours of broadcast time, even though the playing time itself is only four times 15 minutes. The American Super Bowl commercials are famous - and expensive: on average, the cost of a 30-second advertisem*nt for last year's NFL finale was around seven million US dollars. On the other hand, they are usually brimming with humor and feature prominent cast members.

Super Bowl broadcast with US advertising for 99 cents

If you don't want to miss out, just grab the NFL Game Pass from Dazn. With the streaming service you simply have to create an account - if you don't already have one - and book the NFL Game Pass for a one-time fee of 0.99 euros. It offers, among other things, the following content and advantages:

  • Broadcast of the 58th NFL Super Bowl
  • Original US broadcast in English with US commercials, halftime shows and analysis
  • Previews, recaps and shows including Hard Knocks, NFL Network, NFL Films and more
  • Watch all games on Chromecast, Smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox and more
  • Subscription can also be used when traveling in over 200 countries (except USA, China and Canada)
  • full game replays and commercial-free recaps, including Coach's film and "Game in 40"

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Super Bowl 2024: Get NFL Game Pass now for 99 cents at Dazn! (4)

Super Bowl 2024: This is how you can enjoy the NFL highlight to the fullest

By the way, provider Dazn has launched a new and free mode through which sports fans can freely access selected content within the Dazn app.

Watch Super Bowl 2024 on RTL

Of course, you can also watch the Super Bowl on RTL and therefore on free TV. The provider offers an unbeatable offer for TV streaming:You will receive the Waipu.tv4K-Sticktogether with thePerfect Plus annual packageforone-off 59.99 eurosplus 4.99 euros shipping costs.*Additionally there isFree twelve months of streaming on Paramount Plus. Thanks to the television package, you can also watch the NFL finals. And the TV streaming offer is also impressive in other ways: you save a total of around 250.00 euros, because you would have to pay 12.99 euros per month for Waipu Perfect Plus and 7.99 euros per month for Paramount Plus. The 4K stick usually costs 59.99 euros when purchased individually.

Stream Super Bowl 2024 with 1 year of television + 1 year of Paramount+ for free 4K stick with Perfect Plus package + Paramount Plus – streaming and television – 59.99 euros one-time at*

Savings: 250.00 euros for twelve months
Notice: Price and availability in the shop may vary

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Super Bowl 2024: Get NFL Game Pass now for 99 cents at Dazn! (6)

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Super Bowl 2024: Get NFL Game Pass now for 99 cents at Dazn! (2024)


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