The Callisto Protocol: Rescue against stuttering with a new patch? (2024)

The Callisto Protocol: Rescue against stuttering with a new patch? (1)

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News Jusuf Hatic

Shortly after the release of The Callisto Protocol, the action game struggled with some performance problems. A new patch is supposed to fix the jerky gameplay.

  • With The Callisto Protocol, the developers at Striking Distance Studio have set themselves the goal of creating a spiritual successor to the horror hit Dead Space. When the game was released, however, the scariest moments weren't jump scares, but rather the gameplay, which was characterized by stuttering, stuttering and complete dropouts. Reports of this have been piling up recentlyTwitteror the reviews on theSteam pagevon The Silent Protocol.

    The latter in particular gave a clear opinion of the game: On release day, The Callisto Protocol only recorded 27 percent positive reviews. The poor PC version of the horror game was criticized, which also struggles with the aforementioned performance problems on high-end systems. On Twitter, however, console players also commented on stuttering gameplay on Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X.

    However, rescue is said to be on the way, according to the official Twitter account. A PC patch has been available for download since this morning, which should at least improve the stuttering caused by shader compilation. After the update, there may be some stuttering in the game menu when you start The Callisto Protocol for the first time before the performance should be at an acceptable level. Striking Distance Studios is also working on further optimizations to completely get the problems under control.

    The new patch for The Callisto Protocol also sparked discussions on Steam: Imrelated topicUsers say at least a little better about the performance. The opinions here range from a horror game that finally runs smoothly to users for whom the game crashes even more often than before the patch. After all, the update seems to have helped rather than hurt on average, if the Steam reviews are to be believed - these have since increased to 43 percent positive votes.


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    Jusuf Hatic

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        • VonRavionHDKokü-Junkie (m/w)

          How is the game going at the moment? Are there still stutters or have they been fixed now?


        • VonRavionHDKokü-Junkie (m/w)

          How is the game going at the moment? Are there still stutters or have they been fixed now?


        • VonManner1aSoftware-Overclocker(in)

          So I just watched a Vtuber for a few minutes and it ran rough in Direct X11, but that doesn't mean anything. The reason for this has already been discussed here.

          Quote from ΔΣΛ

          Is there a hardware test for the game somewhere?

          [Go to forum to see this content]

          But it's in English and without 5,000 benchmark bars. Maybe that will help.


        • VonDolomedesSoftware-Overclocker(in)

          Quote from imischek

          and before people think my system is not capable. I have a high-end system that is also tidy, up-to-date and correctly configured...

          It would be really interesting to take apart mail.
          I have a small (i5) Raptor and a 4090
          and everything at a maximum of 5760 x 3240, the whole thing runs without vsync and motion blur on the 8kx with 120 hz per eye, of course that's 2 times 4 k.

          ah, I've also turned off Film Grain because it looks really sh*t, I don't play it in DX11 12 because it runs better in VR.

          I noticed that the CPU frame times went up a lot with vsync.

          Why not turn off the ray traced shadows and try that?

          And no, I don't think you're too stupid, I'm just trying to help. Have you also done the Windows patch? I think once it's cleaned up, there will also be some problems with stuttering.

          Otherwise, what have you tried and what kind of system?



        • VonThe highest ratioBIOS-Overclocker(in)

          What about the save games? I wanted to get the game and then a criticism from a user put me off. Apparently the game, whether saved manually or automatically, only saves the location and story progress but not the upgrades.
          So you get to a certain point, upgrade your stuff and then save it manually. When you die you are back to where you were, but everything else is the same as before the save... is that true? Do any of you have this problem too?


        • Vonimischekrecreational screwdriver

          It's actually not a problem on Steam because refunds are easy and problem-free. In general, I don't think much of pre-ordering. It only becomes problematic if you buy keys on key sites because they are temptingly cheap there but then you no longer have a refund option on Steam. Then you might have saved 10-20 euros but you can't go back. In the end I would recommend anyone who can't wait to buy Steam or anyone who can wait after many patches. Then the games per key, which are cheap despite being on sale, are even cheaper. Within 6-12 months, every SP game under 50% will be available on the PC and they will be patched as a bonus.

          In this case, I bought the game directly from Steam. Despite the patch, the performance is still inadequate in my opinion and by that I don't mean average frame rate. The people who claim the game is now smooth probably only see 24 fps. The game runs much better after the patch than before but not good enough. My refund is already through. I'll just buy it in a few months for an apple and an egg when it will probably run a lot smoother

          and before people think my system is not capable. I have a high-end system that is also tidy, up-to-date and correctly configured


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    The Callisto Protocol: Rescue against stuttering with a new patch? (2024)


    Why is Callisto protocol flopped? ›

    Everyone can agree that Callisto Protocol wasn't perfect. There's a lot of crawling in vents, squeezing through pipes, it had some frustrating enemies that lacked variety and there was a divisive combat system.

    Did they patch Callisto protocol? ›

    I gave in and finally bought this game as it is on sale on Epic Game Store and you get an additional 25% off coupon. Anyway, a new patch dropped today that fixed the raised black levels in HDR. You can now adjust a slider without crushing the blacks.

    Which is scarier Dead Space or Callisto Protocol? ›

    The monsters in The Callisto Protocol are like weird mutant zombies. They're grotesque, but they're not as frightening as the Necromorphs from Dead Space. They're not as iconic, or visually interesting either. Dead Space also has the upper hand on boss fights.

    Why is Callisto Protocol getting bad reviews? ›

    The Callisto Protocol isn't a bad game. It has a cool sci-fi setting, amazing graphics and a relatively compelling mystery plot. However, its frustrating melee combat, limited enemy variety and linear design will alienate (no pun intended) many players.

    What are the problems with Callisto protocol? ›

    On Steam, players have been review-bombing the game due to its poor performance. However, a patch went live late on launch day which helped improve the stuttering issues. Another patch was issued for the console versions that were experiencing crashing and framerate issues.

    Will there be Callisto Protocol 2? ›

    Today is a fantastic day for fans of the universe created by Striking Distance Studios with The Callisto Protocol, as the KRAFTON-owned studio has just announced that it will expand this franchise with a new game, although it's not The Callisto Protocol 2.

    Did Callisto Protocol make a profit? ›

    According to MK-Odyssey, the game apparently cost over 200 billion won or about US$162 million to develop, and that the game's sales revenue have yet to turn a profit. The Callisto Protocol was referred to as 'Quadruple A' game during its development cycle, implying that no expenses would be spared.

    Is Callisto Protocol selling well? ›

    Originally developed as a game set in the PUBG: Battlegrounds universe, it later evolved into an original intellectual property. The Callisto Protocol received mixed reviews from critics and failed to meet the sales expectations of Krafton.

    Is Callisto Protocol like Resident Evil? ›

    The Callisto Protocol was Unabashedly Resident Evil-Inspired

    Of course, Dead Space's psychological-horror elements with Isaac's hallucinations are also interchangeable here with how Jacob hallucinates, but The Callisto Protocol's narrative revolving around a bioweapon plot is unmistakably Resident Evil in essence.

    How long to beat The Callisto Protocol? ›

    Read More. How long is The Callisto Protocol? When focusing on the main objectives, The Callisto Protocol is about 10 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 15½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

    What's the scariest Dead Space? ›

    The texture, ambiance, and spatial and aesthetic design mean that the Ishimura, not the necromorphs, is often the scariest thing in Dead Space. I've re-experienced this recently with the Dead Space Remake, and have been relishing the experience and the sense of place on offer all over again.

    Does The Callisto Protocol have Jumpscares? ›

    The Callisto Protocol has a shimmy sequence jump scare in common with Motive's Dead Space, but the latter edges it out in terms of originality. With the Dead Space remake out, it's a good time to compare it to The Callisto Protocol.

    Why is Callisto protocol so similar to Dead Space? ›

    The Callisto Protocol wears its inspiration on its diegetic UI as a major homage to Dead Space. When his one last big transport mission goes wrong, Jacob finds himself in a maximum-security prison on Callisto and is now a prisoner.

    Has Callisto Protocol been fixed on Xbox? ›

    The Callisto Protocol didn't have the smoothest launch, suffering from some performance issues in certain scenarios. A new patch is out now on console that includes bug fixes and improvements, along with a new graphics feature on Xbox Series X.

    How can I make my Callisto protocol run better? ›

    Here are the best Callisto Protocol graphics settings on PC:
    1. V-Sync: Off.
    2. Framerate limit: Unlimited.
    3. Fullscreen mode: Fullscreen.
    4. Lighting: High.
    5. Shadows: High.
    6. Volumetrics: High.
    7. Particles: High.
    8. Textures: High.
    Dec 5, 2022

    Is Callisto protocol fixed on PC reddit? ›

    [The Callisto Protocol] A PC patch is now available to improve gameplay stuttering issues due to shader compilation. After updating, you may see temporary stuttering in the game menu the first time you launch the app.

    Is Callisto protocol a failure? ›

    Struck Down. Sadly, The Callisto Protocol looked good on the surface but couldn't deliver quite as well as Dead Space did, despite being a spiritual successor of sorts.


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